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Replacement Filter - Ordering experience

  • 28 August 2022
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Replacement filter. Experience and feedback. 

In preparation of an upcoming holiday, my wife and I have been doing a somewhat spring clean. This involves using our very old cordless (DC58) to clean out the washroom. I might add this is also where we keep the dog leads and toys. 

After we had finish, we washed the filter and put it on the drainer, thinking no more of it. That is until our Yorky came darting out with a half chewed filter. 

Off to the Dyson web shop I went to order a replacement. 

After registering the vacuum, which included completing an application akin to any other. Name, address, purchase date and serial number. The actual process of locating the replacement was extremely simple and straightforward. With the part in stock, I completed the purchase and waited. 

I received an order confirmation straight away, with another once the part had been dispatched. Both I’ve come to consider as standard when placing an order. 

The delivery was quick, packaging was light and instillation was even simpler. Nice to see that Dyson aren’t using too much cardboard. 

I’d happily recommend the purchase of a spare directly from Dyson to anyone. I would suggest a couple of things prior to purchasing.


  1. Pre-register the machine and details. This made finding the part really simple. 
  2. Don’t forget your email. It was great to receive purchase and postage confirmation.
  3. Don't let the dog eat your Dyson parts..

All in all, really simple process from start to finish.

3 replies

Another great read @WoodenMan!

Hi @WoodenMan

Aren’t animals great! Giles, our Corgi skirts across the laminate flooring at the first sign of the Dyson. 

We’ll be ordering one of their new animal tools to help with his hair. I’m sure we’ll have the same pleasant experience as you. 

I just hope he’ll be behaved enough to let us use it… 


Hello @WoodenMan,

Thank you for sharing your ordering experience. We’re thrilled to hear that it was so positive for you!