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  • 19 November 2022
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I hope someone in the community can provide a solution as I have for the last 3 weeks trying to get them to service a brand new machine which is not working-Details are given below-There is no email id where one can contact them except wattsapp where they have standard replies regarding default and escalation.

I am surprised to receive your wattsapp asking me to rate you for the service rendered in resolving a complaint.

I have since 1st November, maybe earlier been requesting you to resolve a problem with your air purifier.This is brand new and has hardly been used as we were never here.

I have had a no of exchanges and finally was put to an expert for resolving the problem. The expert finally came to the conclusion that the machine has to be picked up on 10th. November. The machine inspite of being in Dehradun is operating at speed no 10 showing that the air is poor quality, which it is not as the LG machine is showing 70 and less-I was explained that your machine follows WHO standards, whereas other’s do not. I fail to understand these standards in a place like Dehradun, especially when we donot even cook food here

Subsequently I have been truing to get you to pick up the machine, which has not happened till date and in between was informed that a parcel was sent which I thought was a replacement but finally found that to be a cardboard box.

Your team has been trying to escalate the matter to whom I don’t know ever since.

I am a LG machine working perfectly well,

Kindly advise how I can get this machine repaired, I have a week left here and incase you donot return the machine will not be able to again check it for maybe 6 months or more and by than I assume by your delaying tactics the machine warranty would be over.

I have asked your team if there is a way I could return this WHO standard machine of yours so that my misery can be over.

No reply is forthcoming to this request.

Warm regards


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2 replies


Seeing as it’s been several hours since I was last online and you’ve not received a response, I decided I’d weigh-in. 

You’ve shared a lengthy account of events and it’s evident you’re frustrated. I would feel the same if I were in your shoes. I’m not sure you’ll find a resolution any quicker here. The local Dyson service are the only ones that can handle delivery, repair and exchange questions. I believe the moderators and manager would most likely urge you to make further contact. 

I can offer two parting pieces of information. 

  1. Warranty is for two years. In my experience, as the fault has been raised, it will be honoured. Dyson customer service have always honoured their word with me. 
  2. Logistically, Dyson should be able to collect the purifier from any location. If you’re limited on time, take it with you. Received an empty box is usually a sign you’ll have it collected soon. 


Dear Pete,

Thanks for your advice. I am aware that there is a 2 years warranty, and more than 19 months have elapsed without me using it for more than a day, as this home is not used by me. fortunately the air quality is very good here, and one does not need to use it.

It does not take 3 weeks to get a product picked up especially since the follow up is on a daily basis. Am dealing with other’s like Amazon, Jockey plus many other Indian brands, they pick up the returns in a day or two. Everyday I get a standard reply  apologizing for the delay, and that the matter has been escalated. To whom one does not know? Why the escalation team does not respond is another question mark. The reason of  writing in the community is maybe Dyson -USA  the parent asks its child to respond which unfortunately has not happened, but usually happens.

In USA they are strong consumer protection laws, which makes Dyson respond which is not there in India.

Thanks and regards