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Sharing a device between multiple users

  • 10 February 2024
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We have a Dyson Fan and primarily control to via the MyDyson app since some of the functionality is only in the app. Since initially setting up the fan we've had it registered to one MyDyson account but since multiple people in the house use the fan we have simply shared an account. Recently the app/account has been updated to require 2FA. I didn't choose this instead one day the app was logged out and required both the account password and and e-mailed code to login. The problem now is that whenever anyone if logged out they now have to call me and request the code from my e-mail as the fan is registered to me. Is there any way to either:

Assign one device to multiple MyDyson accounts

Add additional users to the main account

Disable 2FA (I'm all for it in general but it's controlling a smart fan, nothing else)

Without one of the above it's going to be a pain going forward. 


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