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The Dyson App - Re-engineered

  • 7 October 2022
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The Dyson Link App vs MyDyson App

If you’ve seen some my previous posts, you’ll be use to me leaving feedback and my opinion about Dyson. 

Tonight is no different! Allow me to set the scene. There I was, drinking a cup of earl grey, planned the Purifiers heating schedule for this coming weekend and what should pop-up but a notification stating the Link App has been re-engineers. 

This wasn’t just any notification, one that I’d usually dismiss as a nuisance, but one that made me take notice. It showed we can now add their hair care and floor care machines. Wanting to test this, I went on the hunt for our Cyclone V10.

The method of add a machine isn’t dissimilar from that which I followed for the Robot and Purifier, with one small frustration, it seemed to search my local wifi network for a machine broadcasting. Only after failing this search did it provide me an option to add my V10. 

Once added, a plethora of new option became available. Set up, maintenance and accessory videos at my finger tips, and quick shortcuts into their shop, troubleshooting and their automated help. An easy 8/10. 

I would have marked it higher, if it were more straightforward to add the other Dyson. All in all, I believe this shows that Dyson are dedicated to their app development and I’m truly excited to see what else they bring into the now MyDyson App!

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Hey @WoodenMan 

Yet another great read.

We’ve just added our daughter’s Supersonic. I agree that the initial scan was frustrating. I guess that this is a result of needing to search for those products that are broadcasting. 

Once added, like what you’re seeing, there are a wide selection of videos. Both my wife and daughter have watching them for inspiration! I’ll be picking up a second supersonic before long. 

Kudos to Dyson! 


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In the latter half of my career I worked in application development. Releasing multiple iteration, several times a year, most of which were small code changes, singular amendments to the User Interface and at the most only adding a very small product selection. 

To say that I am impressed with the MyDyson release is an huge understatement. The feat of code required to produce the level of detail is weeks, if not months of work for a single work stream. A huge undertaking with a fantastic result.

I look forward to future iterations of this new re-engineered application, what other features are included and what else Dyson introduce to push the boundaries of development. 


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Hey @WoodenMan

Another fantastic read! Thanks for sharing your feedback and insight. 

You’ve made a great observation, I’ll be passing this back to our development team in due course. Thanks for highlighting it.  

Excitingly, I’ve just released an article highlighting all the features currently offered within the re-engineered app, along with the benefits of downloading it should other not already have it - Joining MyDyson™ and registering your machines.

Feel free to share any other observations, suggestions or feedback with me, I’ll gladly pass these along to the wider teams.