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TP09 Software update has stopped sensors working

  • 12 February 2024
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My TP09 auto updated to version ECG2PF. but all sensors have stopped working apart from temperature but that is also incorrect as it’s reporting -2. You can see the severe drop after the update was applied. Is anyone else seeing this?


3 replies

Similar behaviour here with the latest update, but it’s mostly the air quality monitoring that are going crazy (before/after opening the windows, I’m not making a fire or anything different than usual).

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@Jack can you help?

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Hi @Heyhey88 and @adetheux

Thanks for letting us know about this!

This sounds like an unusual scenario, and I haven’t seen this reported more widely by other users. In the first instance I’d recommend power cycling your machine, which we would normally expect to resolve most issues of this type. Essentially this involves unplugging your machine fully from the wall socket, and leaving it for 10 minutes before connecting it to the power supply again. You can read more here:


If you continue to see the same issue after completing a power cycle, please let us know!