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Tracking - How do I locate my order?

  • 4 June 2023
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I am have a similar issue with GLS. Ordered 5/31 says it was delivered today 6/2, I have been at home all day waiting for it to arrive and get the notification it’s out for delivery, then 3 hours later it says my order has been delivered but nothing came. 

I made sure to work from home today because I was nervous my $500 vacuum might get stolen from my front door and what do you know it never made it in the first place. I am really frustrated, I needed this because I am about to move and needed a good vacuum to help clean the place before I leave, now it’s not going to get here and I’m questioning why I even ordered in the first place. I can’t believe Dyson doesn’t seem to care at all ( at least their customer service people don’t care ). 

If Dyson can’t ship me my vacuum in a timely manner (before I move in 5 days) then I don’t really want it and this whole process makes me not want to even support Dyson. 

Any help would be appreciated, thanks. 


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As previously mentioned by many moderators, you would have to get in touch with their helpline for further assistance. They are the ones who can access your personal information. 

Have you tried contacting them via phone call? In my personal experience, phone support is usually better. And if your issue persists, I highly recommend you to request one of their supervisors. They would review your inquiry (including your call recordings, chats, emails and etc.) and give a callback within 1-2 business days.

If it isn’t solved until then, it would go to their manager level, which would be the final point of contact at their CS department. I also had an issue before, and their customer service management level solved everything. They seem to have more access to their warehouse, supply chain, and Dyson’s headquarters as well.

Hope your issue gets resolved very soon.

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Hi @jumill87

Thanks for letting us know you haven’t received your order yet - I’m sorry this has taken longer than expected this time round. 

Usually our deliveries arrive within the timeframe stated in the order confirmation. In very rare circumstances, delivery can take a little longer – sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control.  

I’m sure there’s a very simple explanation why this hasn’t yet arrived, our How to: Check on the progress of a delivery should help you to identify the cause.   

If you still need help, our local Contact Centre teams are best placed to support you with queries relating to order status, payment or delivery. They have access to your order history and payment details - they can investigate on your behalf, and escalate internally if needed. These issues aren't usually something the Dyson Community team can help you with.  

I'd encourage you to contact the Dyson Helpline, speaking with our experts directly. You can find their number in the ‘Contact us’ section on our Guides and manuals link. 



I’ve contacted them, they told me a new order would be placed and I would get an email in 24-48 hours, well its been 72+ hours and nothing… I do not want to call and wait 45 minutes just to talk to a human being. This is ridiculous, I am just going to charge it back as fraud if nothing happens in the next 24 hours.

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@jumill87.  You’re refusal to contact Dyson via the phone isn’t going to get a response here. The mods can’t help you. They don’t have access to customer records, they’re only here to make sure we behave, have answers and direct us to channels. 

If you don’t want to speak to someone, use WhatsApp.