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Unable to email custormer support

Having looked at previous posts on this subject, it is quite unacceptable that Dyson dont have any facility to email your customer service with complaints and the like. 

The bulk standard answer of “please phone our customer support” is not acceptable as an answer! 

Customers with long standing complaints, particularly, need a facility to put something in writing. 

A company the size of Dyson should not be using excuses. This needs to be rectified. 



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Where are you located? At least in the US I am able to go here and click the icon in the bottom right corner to start a live chat

IsaiahH - thanks for your reply - i am in the UK - and we too have the option of a chat facility.  However, you perhaps miss the point. 

We should be able to email customer services - which is a written record - rather than speech (or chat). 

The chat line that you refer to is undoubtedly manned by the same people that answer the phone - and whilst they may be polite, they are unable to solve many issues - and they are then unable to escalate… 

Sometimes an email is required for a customer to clearly set out the problem and request a direct answer for resolution 

The telephone (and chat) staff only have a certain amount of set answers - and if your particular issue isn’t resolved, then you are stuck - because you cannot take it any higher within the company 



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Hi @Barry5848,

Welcome to the Dyson Community, and thanks for taking the time to share your feedback on this - I’ll be happy to make sure your comments are passed along to the right teams for you.

If there’s anything further that you need support with, you’re welcome to message me directly with your details.


sorry - but your reply is a clear example of the failings of your customer support system…. 

i don’t want you to “pass on “ anything! 

I want you to give me an email address for customer support, that i can send my own comments to directly. 

if you don’t have that facility - then your Customer support is worthless , im afraid

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Hi @Barry5848,

I’m sorry you feel that way. We don’t offer email as a customer support channel.

As I’ve said, you’re welcome to share any further feedback with me directly. If you’d rather not do that, you can reach out to the Dyson UK Customer Care team directly via Live Chat, or by calling 0800 298 0298 (available from 8am-8pm Mon-Fri, and 8am-6pm on weekends).

Hello Jack   I’m afraid your replies on here just exacerbate the problem further. If a company like Dyson is unable to offer an email address for customer - but expects customers to read and accept emails from Dyson, with a “no-reply” email address - than that will never create an acceptable form of communication

“We don’t offer email as a customer support channel” is a lame excuse - there are many situations where a customer may need to criticise/complain and put that in writing.  It definitely needs to be in writing. By steering customers to phoning a customer service team that don’t identify root causes of problems, have no way of transferring your call if they are unable to answer the issue at hand  - and then offer to “pass it on to back office” - making the customer wait at the behest of the back office as to when they will return the call, is no good at all. 

Dyson dont offer any direct contact phone numbers to back office teams - don’t offer email addresses for customer service issues/complaints  - and try to steer everyone to a  “support team” that are very limited in what they can actually do, if its not one of their “standard procedures”