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what shocking customer support :(

  • 4 January 2023
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I’ve just spent well over £600 for a vacuum I am unable to use because I have a part which doesn’t fit anything and I can’t get any answers or proper communication from this company. This is my eighth dyson vacuum - I started with an 02 - I am so saddened by the deterioration of what used to be fantastic customer support. I have spent most of the afternoon following instructions from the customer service lady and the website and still no one has replied to my query. So.. I am forced into a situation I don’t want to be in and joined a community. I’m sure they’re very helpful for those people who like this means of contact but I hate it and I don’t want to be on social media especially so as we live in the sticks and have poor connectivity but I have no alternative but to try to get answers this way. As you may have guessed I’m VERY cross.  I have purchased a V15 detect. There are so many fittings it’s really quite silly but I understand Dyson want to make money. However… the main part after the body - ie the wand- doesn’t look like the wand on the ‘getting started’ video and has an extra clear plastic part on the end inside of which but out of reach I can see the fitting pins. However its exactly the same diameter as the part it’s supposed to click into. None of the cleaning attachments fit it either though they all fit directly to the machine itself. What is going on? Why isn’t there a proper wand fitting included? I’m now a very disillusioned long standing customer who is likely to return this item and buy a cheaper competitors model instead. 


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Hey Darlin!

Oh my, you must be so stressed. I can tell why you’re cross! 

I am sure we can help and thankfully we’re a really lovely bunch. Welcome.

Umm, I’m trying to think who has a V15. @Eagles might. They’ve shared unboxing videos before. @Eagles any idea? 

I might suggest uploading a photo of the parts you have. It could be easier for us to identify them. If you’ve struggling to get an image uploaded due to the poor signal, maybe you can say what you have in the below image? 

In the box


Wand image

Lemon 😁

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Hey Darlin!

Oh my, you must be so stressed. I can tell why you’re cross! 

I am sure we can help and thankfully we’re a really lovely bunch. Welcome.

Umm, I’m trying to think who has a V15. @Eagles might. They’ve shared unboxing videos before. @Eagles any idea? 

Lemon 😁

Nope! I shared one on their Gen5 model. Sharing one for the V15 is simply enough..

 The host displays and run through the use of each tool, attachment and accessory. 

 At 2.50mins they unwrap the wand. At 3.37mins they show how it is attached. @Fedupmaria  Does this help?

Hello @Fedupmaria 

I am so sorry for your experience, thus far. I completely understand why this has been a source of frustrations. I know exactly what you are referring to with your V15. It sounds like from what you are describing, your model has the built-in dusting and crevice tool. You can see what I’m referring to in this video here, right at the 2:36 mark:  V15 DETECT

Sadly, not all Dyson brand experts are as well-versed on all machines, especially those who may not handle sales as often. I know I personally struggle with some of our machines, and have an “expert” status on some others. I certainly apologize that you had a poor experience when you did reach out for help - that’s never how we expect things to go. I hope that the video link above is helpful, and apologies if I have completely mis-understood your inquiry. I am hopeful this is the right model and will better show how that tool works/attaches.

As always, let us know if you still have any questions.