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Community Update - New Community Manager - October 2023

  • 27 October 2023
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Hello Everyone! 

Today’s update is slightly different to those I’ve shared previously - effective on the 3rd November, I’ll be stepping away from managing the Community, and moving onto a new project here at Dyson. 

This news of course brings an opportunity for change in management and I would like to therefore introduce the NEW Community Manager, my friend and colleague @Jack.

Jack isn’t new to either Dyson or the Community, and is passionate about both! He’s been working at Dyson for over 12 years in various functions, and like myself he’s expert in Dyson technology and committed to ensuring the highest standard of customer experience. I know that you’ll be in great hands with Jack, and I’m sure he’ll make a formal introduction in no time! 

On a personal note, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank each of you! Working on the Community has been a highlight in my career. From redefining how we engage with our owners, integrating the platform into Dyson’s Care ethos and helping to drive it’s expansion through multiple phases, right through increasing our members count and sharing our love for all things Dyson! I’ll always be fond of this time! 

Whilst none of this would of been possible without each of you taking part, the whole Community team has been at the forefront, including our fabulous moderation Team. A huge thank you have to be shared with them also! 

I’ll continue to pop-in, sharing some of my own knowledge where I can. 

I can't wait to see what heights the Community reaches next! 



6 replies

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I can proudly count myself amongst the few who remain active since the beta launch in 2021. I recall you speaking in the group, sharing the long-term vision and destination of the platform, which inspired me to stay. You’ve never wavered, constantly shared insights and communicated changes at a faster pace than elsewhere at Dyson. Your departure is bittersweet, and your presence will be sorely missed. 

I congratulate you on the new role and extend a warm welcome to Jack.


Sorry to see you go @Stuart

My GUY! Best of luck in the next chapter!

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Sayonara Stuart! Sorry to see you go! 

I don’t trust Dyson as they don’t honour their promises I was promised delivery on Sunday 26 nothing got delivered and phoned today promised again that it will be delivered no sign 

Dyson do not honour their promises!!!!

 I also had to wait almost an hour each time for someone to answer and last time the support office just dropped my call after having waited for 47mins!!

Which magazine and media will certainly love hearing about this!

I’m with you Nick G. I was also assured I would receive my order. Now after 10 business days and the assurances from Dyson that I would receive my order before , they say it’s out of stock. Nothing like being lied to multiple times.