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Dyson V15s Detect Submarine™ - Now available in Australia and New Zealand

  • 27 July 2023
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Dyson V15s Detect Submarine™ - Now available in Australia and New Zealand
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Great news! The Dyson V15s Detect Submarine™ is now available for pre sale at Dyson.com.au & Dyson.co.nz - explore the technology behind the Dyson V15s Detect Submarine™ on the website by click on the corresponding links.


This latest drop, deals with yours - cleaning up spills, splats, dirt and hair.

Pet mess

The wet dry vacuum removes pet food and muddy paw prints from kitchens and busy entrance ways. 


Cooking spills

Removes dry, wet kitchen debris, fine dust, and stains simultaneously. 


Mealtime clean-ups

Easy to push and pull even around the corners and table legs.


Bathroom stains

Spot cleans, removing stains and spills - when used on hard floors.


Automatically deep cleans on carpet and hard floors

Digital Motorbar™ cleaner head powerfully sucks up dust and hair from all floors, and anti-tangle technology prevents interruption. While 7,815 stiff nylon bristles drive deep to remove ground-in dirt from rugs and carpets. 


With the news that the Dyson V15s Detect Submarine™ wet and dry cleaner will also be rolling out across Americas, EMEA, and Korea in the coming weeks, we’re keen to hear where else you’d love to see this land. let us know in the comments below.

Visit our own Dyson Cordless vacuums: Getting started article to view a ‘Getting started’ video.

6 replies

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Anyone who just purchased the new flagship and top of the line Gen5 Detect Complete, I can confirm you are currently NOT able to use this new attachments on your unit as Dyson is currently refusing to update the software/firmware on the unit to support it (simple disable the suction motor)… very disappointed and frustrated with  Dyson at the moment!!

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Hi @Jonno,

Thanks for highlighting this. 

I can confirm that the Dyson Submarine™ wet roller head is not currently compatible with any of our other vacuums, this is unless it is sold with or included in the purchase. 

To allow for switching between wet and dry cleaning, these machines are reprogrammed, allowing for use. Our previous software is not compatible with wet floor cleaning. 



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Hi Stuart, thanks for the reply, that's the very disappointing part.. Dyson software engineers would have known about this for a long time, well before I got the gen5 but Dyson chose not to include the basic support.. I assume it would be as simple as identifying the attached head and disabling the suction motor so one would think it's very basic programming task.

I'm sure a very crude work around would be to use a connector device to allow air to pass so the suction motor on existing units could remain on... Not very efficient but such a device could be a possible work around and I'll sure some are going to try make something like this...

What's more annoying is Dyson would have known for years about the possibility of needing to update firmware and it appears have chosen not to allow users to do it easily... My washing machine, oven, camera, lenses... Etc. etc., all support firmware updates, yet the world's most expensive stick vacuum apparently won't allow this (I honestly don't believe it sorry to say, there must be away to get it updated and this head supported) Dyson is choosing not to support it's users... It's very disappointing as my unit is under 1 month old...

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Hello, when we can buy Dyson V15s Detect Submarine™ in Europe?

Best regards. 

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Hello, when we can buy Dyson V15s Detect Submarine™ in Europe?

Best regards. 

Soon! I read on Reddit it was only a week or so away! 

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Great. Did you read something about price?

I see it’s now available in Germany. 945€