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Home Assistant or WebAPI - Does Dyson have one?

  • 13 October 2023
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I use home assistant to automate my house.  Does Dyson have a HA integration (I can’t find one) or does it allow control via a webAPI on the device or via a cloud?


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3 replies

@imahouse  Hi there. The control for Dyson smart devices is going to be through the customer MyDyson App for iOS/Android. You can also configure it to work through the largest voice assistants: Google/Siri/Alexa.
There’s not a separate API.

Find out more about controlling your Dyson with an app at this link:


You may also wish to visit our Voice assistants | Dyson Community | Dyson Community category here on the community. This has a list of onboarding information for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts. 


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So what your answer should have said was No.  You don’t support the use of webAPI’s or Home Assistant.

When will “progressive” companies realize the more interoperable their devices the more compatible / desirable the product is.

I also love the fact another dyson employee liked the post, as if it was helpful in any way.

Such as shame that they don’t  have an API, because I was going to buy two DPO4’s for my house and integrate them into Home Assistant. With all of the sensors it seems they would be great additions to my smart home.