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How do I use Voice Control via Alexa with my Dyson Purifier?

  • 1 December 2023
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Hello I’m disabled and need to use the voice commands to control my fan. When it’s in heating mode I can’t get it to go back to cooling. I say “Alexa turn on cooling” but no charge, if I lower the temperature by voice that doesn’t do anything. I also don’t like on night mode the light doesn’t go off still very bright moon ☹️

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2 replies

It’s ok I figured it out you need to set it up in Alexa 

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Hi @Anton84,

Welcome to the Dyson Community and thank you for your update - I'm glad you’ve figured it out! As you’ve correctly mentioned, the Dyson Alexa skill needs to be added and enabled before your Dyson heater purifier will respond to Voice Control commands. You can find some more detailed information about Dyson Alexa Voice Control here:

Thanks for the feedback around the brightness of the moon icon in Night mode. We can’t do anything to change this, but I’ll make sure your comments are passed along to the right teams for you.

Hope this helps!