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Dyson 360 Vis Nav™ robot vacuum - software release RB03PR.

  • 4 December 2023
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Dyson 360 Vis Nav™ robot vacuum - software release RB03PR.
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Our latest software update for the Dyson 360 Vis Nav™ robot vacuum increases your robot’s run time and improves reliability: 

  • Robot cleans 10% faster and run time increases by up to 30% in Auto mode.
  • More reliable dock returns.
  • New alert when sensors are dirty.
  • Run time is now shown on the LCD screen.
  • You can also 'skip the current zone' during cleaning.  

To make sure you’re always fully benefitting from the latest software and features, we’d recommend enabling automatic updates for your robot within the MyDyson™ app. Updates will then occur when your robot is inactive, docked, and connected to Wi-Fi. 

To see if your robot’s software has already been upgraded, check for update RB03PR. in your robot’s settings within the MyDyson™ app. 

5 replies

Do you guys monitor any of the cleans that our vacuums perform to see how the robots are performing? I'm just wondering how you hear about bugs and issues that people are experiencing? There seems to be no easy way of sending feedback and photos anywhere. Maybe this could be an added feature to the app?


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Hi @Ern.308,

Thanks for the question! We do collect data to improve our service, machines and experiences. The robot’s performance data is sent back to Dyson - for example how far it’s moved and how the clean has ended. This data allows us to learn and constantly improve with software updates. No image data leaves the robot, and when any data is sent from the robot to Dyson, we ensure that it’s anonymous - we don’t receive any information about who the robot belongs to. 

I’m happy to pass your comments along to the right teams for you, but if you have any feedback you’d like to share here on the Dyson Community, you’re welcome to do so!

Navigation and Obstacle Detection:

  • Frequent "Robot Lifted" Errors: My robot consistently gets stuck in the same room, stating it's been lifted, despite not being touched. This occurs in various locations, making it difficult to identify a pattern. Resuming the cleaning usually fixes the issue, but it's inconvenient, especially when using the vacuum while away.

App Functionality:

  • Limited Restriction Drawing Options: While the current restriction options are helpful, I suggest adding the ability to draw triangular and diagonal areas. This would allow for more precise and flexible exclusion zones.
  • Missing In-App Feedback Button: A dedicated feedback button within the app would be invaluable. It would allow users to easily submit reports with photos and details about issues like the "Robot Lifted" error, helping Dyson improve the vacuum's performance.
  • Spot Cleaning Enhancements: While zones are helpful, an option to directly draw a specific area on the map for spot cleaning would be highly beneficial for handling immediate messes without requiring a full room clean.

Improvement Suggestions:

  • I'm happy to share photos of the problematic room and relevant Dyson app reports to assist with troubleshooting and improving the vacuum's navigation in that specific environment.
  • Implementing the suggested drawing options and feedback button would significantly enhance user experience and contribute to Dyson's ongoing development.

Despite the mentioned issues, I remain impressed with the Dyson 360 Vis Nav's overall performance. Incorporating the suggested improvements would elevate it to an even more reliable and user-friendly robot vacuum cleaner.


Area that I was not able to create an effective restriction for because of the lack of triangular and diagonal zones.

Also screenshots of the only room in the property that seems to encounter issues that involve the robot getting stuck and feeling like it has been lifted.


Has this feedback been passed on? Thank you. 

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Hi @Ern.308,

Yes, your feedback has been passed along for you to the right teams!