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The Tazmanian Dyson..

  • 28 April 2024
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Let me start by saying, hello and good evening, my names Craig.. I’ve recently upgraded all my Dyson products and the star of the show is by far, “TheRobot”, only one thing I could say, if I was being overly critical, is it loves doing 360’s, Lol, hence the title and me Robots name.. I think it’s the Crystal and glass furniture, might be messing with the camera’s, as it only does it near that furniture, maybe the mirrored reflection of itself?? Gets the Robot all excited haha, because after its pirouettes and best impression of a Tazmanian Devill, it then feels the need to drive into the glass coffee table, so yeah, that’s the hypothesis that lead to the conclusion, but, still, without any doubt, an absolutely top tier product, maybe a few wrinkles could be ironed out with further software updates?? 

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5 replies

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Hi @CR01-G,

Welcome to the Dyson Community!

Thanks so much for sharing your comments here. From what you’ve described, it does sound like the robot’s sensors may sometimes be having trouble detecting mirrored, transparent, or very dark surfaces in your home - in which case it will rely on its high-fidelity bump sensors to precisely determine the location of the object.

We’re really glad to hear you’re otherwise happy with your machine, and you’re welcome to come back to us here if you need advice or support at any point!

I have a glass wall separating my living area from my office and yes, “Rosie” gets super confused with that thing.  She’s starting to figure it out though!  Love this thing!!!  🥰

Haha, yeah same, like teaching a dog new tricks it’s is, does seem to be adapting more progressively now and is more efficient the more schedules completed.. Definitely got character, find me self laughing as he goes off on his daily chores!! Has yours got stuck yet?? Is there a reason you called yours “Rosie”?? I thought there must be others out there that are a little, shall we say, eccentric, and named theirs too, haha.. 

More than once, I have said…the mapping process is like watching a newborn puppy explore its surroundings!!!  

Indeed it is, haha..