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Collection failure

  • 12 April 2024
  • 1 reply

Reported a problem with my Dyson Motörhead for which they collected a repair fee and arranged a collection- no time specified- it was ‘all day’. Nobody turned up on the specified day and when I called they said the courier would ‘try again’. There is no video footage of anyone trying in the first place. Collection rearranged for the next day nd same thing happens. Dyson now say they have escalated it and I will get a call urgently- absolutely no surprise that no call happens.

I guess the only options now are to write off the money as a bad experience or take them to court. End of the day my experience with Dyson has been ‘good tech’ , ‘poor reliability and failure prone’ and absolutely the WORST customer service experience ever.

1 reply

Oh my God I am gutted to read no one called you! I am now waiting for an “escalated” call after three failed courier collections and lady told me today I’d get a call in 24-48 hrs. Also told me I’d get an email sent but nothing after 2 hrs - think I’m gonna phone back! I thought buying from Dyson direct rather than local retailer would ensure no issues but it complete opposite!