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Dyson the low reach adaptor fit Gen5detect?

  • 17 January 2024
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wondering if the low reach adaptor is compatible with the Gen5detect model?


Part no. 971435-01




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7 replies

@TGL86  Yes, it sure it - make sure it’s that exact part ID:  971435-01.

(there is another version of this part for V12 only that will be incompatible for Gen5).

Excellent. Thanks for your help.

I have the Gen5 detect and the low reach adaptor tool 971435-01 does NOT fit the vacuum. There is a plastic piece between the two prongs that won’t allow it to be pushed fully on


Does not work. Not sure why this is such a confusing topic for Dyson. Not even sure at this point a low reach exist for Gen5

I agree that, according to Dyson’s list, the low-reach adaptor tool does not have the Gen5detect listed as being compatible but……………..

Just before Christmas 2023, Dyson offered two deals on the Gen5detect, one being purple and one being the limited edition Prussian blue/copper.  They appear to be identical except for the colourway and the fact that the Prussian Blue edition included a low-reach adaptor tool.  What I would like to know is if that adaptor tool fitted the Prussian Blue vacuum and, if it did, why it’s not available for the other Gen5detect version.

I’ve now spoken to 3 different Dyson people and none of them have been able to answer the question. They just say it’s out of stock and to wait for an email.  I had an email yesterday and rang to check it’s the right part as when I looked it was the same stock number as one I have that doesn’t fit. The Dyson call-handler couldn’t help.

Also wondering about this business - I have the original low reach adaptor tool (for our V8) and as described it doesn’t fit as there is a plastic tongue which prevents it fitting to the vac.

I’m very tempted to get a dremel and try to mod the V8 low reach adaptor and get rid of that tongue of plastic...