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Dyson V12 Detect Slim Cordless Vacuum

  • 28 February 2024
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Purchased 1.5 years ago. Still under warranty. Use for maybe 20 minutes per week, usually on medium or Eco mode, NEVER boost. VERY LIGHT USAGE.  It is now faulty; turns on, then dies. Turns on, then dies. Charges fine, screen/lights work fine. Problem seems to be with the motor. Customer service is APPALLING, speaking poor English, and one has to repeatedly type in and tell them the serial number. I was told I would hear back from them, and five days later, I contacted them again after NOT HEARING FROM THEM. Every one of them repeats the same response seen all over this site:

“All machine variants will have a MAX mode run time of 6 minutes.

Using no motorised heads, the machine will have a run time of 20 minutes.

Using the motorised heads the machine will run between 14 - 17 minutes subject to machine variant.”

There, I wrote it so they don’t have to repeat it. Same reponse via phone, chat, and app. 

They all want my personal phone number, which I refused to give. They agree I need a new replacement main body, but it is “not in stock,” and they have no idea when it will be. What good is a warranty if they cannot replace the item?


DYSON, YOU SHOULD REPLACE MY MACHINE IN FULL. $600! With such poor customer service, I should have bought from my local vacuum store, where they speak English, are always available, and help with maintenance. I WILL NEVER AGAIN BUY FROM DYSON, and I will share the story of awful customer service. 


2 replies

Another great example of the appalling customer service. One representative I spoke with, Priya, submitted the dates for my warranty INCORRECTLY.  Now, my warranty ends two months before it should, based on my purchase date. I called customer service again, and they could not help me without me sharing my personal cell number. I email customer service, explaining the problem and the date change,  and here is their reply:

“We apologize for the delayed response. As we reviewed your email and the account the machine is already registered in our data, if you are facing any issue then feel free to reach us, we assist you to resolve your concern.”

I JUST DID EMAIL THE PROBLEM, AND HOW IT NEEDS TO BE RESOLVED, and I get a stock response in poor English. 

How is this possible with such a “high end” product? Appalling. 

Contact BBB. I’m going to give them one more phone call already have called twice. I need a new main body having same issues. My machine only 4 months old. They told me I could send my vacuum bacK( ON MY OWN DIME). And they will send me a new vacuum. LMAO. LIKE IM GOING TO TRUST THEM WITH MY $500 VACUUM AND THEM TO SEND ME A REPLACEMENT. I see the issues a lot of people are having with Dyson it is so sad. 🙁