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  • 29 February 2024
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Return order 1649241785

I purchased the Dyson V15 and have been attempting to return it since December 18. I am extremely frustrated with the Dyson experience. Firstly, the Dyson V15 proved to be a subpar machine, consistently getting stuck due to airflow issues. Secondly, it took several attempts for me to obtain a return order and labels. Now, I am awaiting a refund.

I have been diligently calling every single day, and each time, I encounter the same response. Initially, the operator asks for the order number, and then they request some time to check on the order. After several minutes, they inform me that they are unsure about the issue and need to contact another department. Eventually, they mention that they have escalated the matter and can't take any further action.

While the amount may seem trivial for Dyson, it is a significant sum for me. I feel like a hostage with no resolution in sight. I hope someone will see this email and assist in resolving the matter



1 reply

I have been having the exact same experience with Dyson support. Difficulty communicating with service reps, unsure of service status, shipping delays, etc.