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DJ'in' with the Zones... Images included

  • 25 July 2023
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So, I dabble in a lot of things, and this past weekend I DJ’ed a birthday party. I usually use either my Sennheiser HD 25’s or my AKG N90Q’s, but decided to test this 8 hour party with the Zones.

TL;DR - I was not disappointed.

Something I like to do is put the headphones on top of my head (off my ears) so I can hear the room. The Dyson headband is strong enough to “hold in place” when I put the phones on my head ( meaning the ear cups are pressed against my head as if my head was listening.. does that make sense?) so I can quickly assess the audio and make a tweak if need be. Because they also flip out they can lay flat on my DJ controller which is a plus.

I connected the charging cable, mainly to see if it would interfere with my operating, and it was not a problem. The cans will last for hours if you are not using filtration ( I did not use any filtration this time -- just as headphones) but still wanted to see how I got on with it should I ever find myself needing to connect them to shore power whilst DJing.

The ear cups on the Zones are really comfy -- like oversized marshmallows. I did not fatigue from wearing them and they held up fine as I would put them on and off and on and off and on and off all night.🤓

The audio quality (wired) was clean, unbiased, and true to the music. I like things flat in my headset when I am creating music or if I am DJing.

Just another reason to love these cans!

Obligatory photos of cometh.. 



2 replies

Looking fresh @ernables. Another great reason to purchase! Thanks for sharing 😁! 

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It would look sick if you DJ with the Mask on too. It will be like a Techno futuristic kinda look