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Dyson Zone - Audio and Purification query - Feedback needed!

  • 27 August 2023
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Hi. All related topics I can find are closed to comments, so asking a new question.


  1. Is the air filtration separate to the noise cancelling, i.e. can I run the air without any noise cancellation/audio?
  1. What level of noise does the air filtration create for the user? Thank you.

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Hi @LJM 

Thank you for your interest in our Dyson Zone.

The noise cancelation is serrate to the purification, this means you can use the purification aspect of your machine without any audio.

To answer the second part of your question the total attenuation will be up to 40dB.

If you require any further assistance do not hesitate to respond below.


It not hard to see that @ernables is the resident guru on the Zone!! I’m sure they contradict the mod is there was anything wrong here!