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Dyson Zone LED lights

  • 6 March 2024
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I absolutely love my Dyson zone, but over the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed different LED charging lights. Sometimes it slowly pulses white, Other times it slowly pulses yellow, and sometimes it’s solid green. I assume solid green is charged. But what’s the white and yellow?


Also, does anyone know if there is a way to contact Dyson in regards to feature requests or product feedback?


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4 replies

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Hi @Seannelson012,

Welcome to the Dyson Community - it’s always great to hear from our Dyson Zone™ headphones fans!

I’m looking into your question for you around the LED indicator light patterns you’ve noticed, and I’ll come back to you with an update as soon as I can. 

Thank you for your patience in the meantime! If there’s any other feedback you’d like to share you’re welcome to do so here. I can make sure it’s passed along to the right people for you.

Hey Jack,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, absolutely love them! And look forward to your reply. 

A couple of suggestions that come to mind from using them over the last couple of months:

    1.    Battery percentage in the app: I’ve noticed that on the Apple Watch app, you can see the exact battery percentage of the headphones, but on the phone app, you can’t. It would be really handy to have that information readily available in the app.

    2.    When I fully power down the headphones and then plug them into charge, they automatically turn back on and connect to my phone. This can sometimes be frustrating if I just want to charge them without having my phone connected. Would there be a way for the headphones not to power up when charging, or to power up without connecting to audio? I’ve noticed with the Dyson Zone there are two Bluetooth connections – I am assuming one is for air quality data and other information, and the other for audio from the device. It would be helpful to have only the data connection active when the headphones aren’t on the wearer’s head. Currently, although the headphones pause audio when removed, they don’t disconnect from the phone, potentially causing audio to reroute to the zones unintentionally. Would be handy to have them sever the audio connection and completely disconnect from the device when taken off, and reconnect when put back on. (This is the Bluetooth audio connection. Not the secondary data connection. I’m hoping that the battery percentage is part of the data connection meaning that even if the audio Bluetooth connection is severed whilst not on the wearers head, You can still see relevant information like the charge status of the Dyson zone. 

  1. ANC & Transparency - Another thing I’ve noticed with the ANC and transparency mode is when you use a digital assistant such as Siri or you’re on a phone call it automatically shuts ANC or transparency off. This can be annoying sometimes when you’re on a phone call in a loud environment And you can’t turn ANC on. The ability to talk to your virtual assistant or talk on the phone call while having your preferred preference kept would be amazing. 

other than these three suggestions, I think the Dyson zone are a fantastic piece of kit and for Dysons first go at headphones, they’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head. 

Thanks for helping me get my feedback to the correct people at Dyson, Jack! 

all the best, Sean

Hey jack, thanks for the reply. 

I did send back a message with the feedback and feature request but don’t know if it made it through… if not I’ll try again later. 

looking forward to your reply. 


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Hi @Seannelson012,

Thanks for your patience - the best resource for the meaning behind the different LED indicators is the User guide. The LED pages lists the different colours, flashes and solid states and what they show.

This section in particular should be relevant to what you’ve described: 

Dyson Zone™ headphones - LEDs


Hope this helps. Thank you for taking your time to share your feedback as well - I have passed this along for you to the right teams!