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Dyson Zone - Software Update August 2023

  • 18 August 2023
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Hi just wondering what was included/features in the new Dyson zone update please?


Best answer by Stuart 18 August 2023, 14:30

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7 replies

Wow thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly and so efficiently! I hope I'm not being annoying but I'm wanting to understand also how to engage/disengage ANC Isolation/transparency.

I've noticed if I set on transparency during a call it swaps to isolation and comes up with “On a call - Audio is paused and Isolation mode activated for clearer calls” below in purple is a link about sound control.

However if I set on isolation during a call it swaps to transparency and displays the same on my app “On a call - Audio is paused etc” Thank you


This would explain why I had to turn the volume of my Zone slightly down (lies, I am enjoying the extra 2db 😉)

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@Stuart , if you can, thank the engineering team for being proactive in making this product better and better. I am enjoying these cans and still use them daily ( with and without filtration). 

And thank YOU as well for your helpful posts.

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Hi @dyaknowattamean/Everyone,

I have news to share regarding the firmware push - this update was a big one!

Whilst it was packed with some minor amendments, including an improvement to the power consumption, an update to the notification tracking and a change in the buffer, allowing for a faster read time, there are two items that standout above the rest! 

  1. An increase peak volume by 2dB - You should notice an increase to the overall playback volume level.
  2. Ear Cushion Recalibration - The Dyson App can now send commands to trigger recalibration of head detection after replacing ear cushions. 

I’m continuing the conversation with the dev team on how we can share these updates in the future. Keep your eyes peeled 😁!

I hope this helps!


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@Stuart Thanks for the quick response!

Can’t speak for anyone other than myself, but I appreciate you. It’s not a rush at all as far as I am concerned….

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Hey @dyaknowattamean

A great question - let me find out 😃!

I’ll touch base with the Dev team and format a reply with what was included. I might not have anything to share today, but I’ll post a follow up here as soon as I do. 



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Thanks @Stuart for helping us out on this. :) Hopeful Dyson can include these notes on a support page soon so we don’t have to keep asking.. :) 

This one was a bit longer than the first update (a little over 8 minutes). maybe some under the hood updates we may not see or perhaps preparing to unleash some new features down the road!