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Air purifier TP007 doesn't work properly even after revision in authorized service

I bought an air purifier TP07 in Romania and noticed that it didn’t do anything, I could not feel any improvement in air quality and sent it to service. They replaced the engine and it is the same, moreover, I used the purifier while cooking and now it circulates back the air smelling like food. The authorized service in Romania is not reliable, a lot of people complain about it, it has 3.5 on Google review and the customer service from Dyson Romania is not very friendly. I am seeking a global support from Dyson because I paid a good amount of money for a machine that is now standing in a corner. It is really unacceptable and frustrating as I made a financial effort to purchase a machine that would actually improve air quality. Not mentioning that the cooler has a lower performance than the cheapest ventilator on the market.



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They attempted to repair it without solution. I feel they now have to replace it in its entirety! They offer this service globally as part of their warranty. You’ll have to go back to the Dyson Romanian team. They don’t offer an international service. You’re unfortunately at their mercy. 

I went back to Dyson Romania and a very upset lady said she cannot help me, all she can do is send the machine back to service. How can I trust the service since they said it is working properly after testing  but it doesn’t. Where can I escalate this? It is really very bad experience that makes me not ever buy Dyson again. And it seems there is no support, no one can help. 

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Hi @Geogiana 

Thanks for letting us know about this. We always challenge ourselves to offer the highest levels of service, so I can only apologise for the experience you’ve had so far. I’ll contact the local team and ensure this is feedback.. 

As you’re already in contact with our customer service experts, I’d encourage you to continue your conversation with them. They’re best placed to help you further, and are empowered to resolve most issues without the need for further escalation. These issues aren't usually something the Dyson Community team can directly help you with. 

That said, I can offer reassurance that in the event our machines fail and our engineers inspect the unit, all machines are placed through a series of diagnostic checks - which highlight any underlying fault or failure. If one is detected, our team will look to fix or replace it inline with the terms of the repair. Although I am unsure why your machine was returned in the same state, I can only assume with the further information provided to the engineer, that they will be able to identify any cause in this future inspection. 

I urge you to speak to the local team and re-arrange a repair/inspection of the unit - discussing with them the next steps. 


It seems they are not that empowered and best placed since the reply of this customer service person was:’ I am sorry, there is nothing I can do than send the machine back to service’ - at least she could have checked with the service, what happened and come back to me with a positive response that she will do all she can to resolve this. Instead it sounded like ‘bad luck for you, whatever, you paid 500 dollars for a broken machine, what you want me to do if the service is not capable to fix it but they claim they fixed it?’.

I am now waiting for a box to ship the machine since i disposed of the original thinking there will be no issue… more money and headache to even send the machine to service since it is so hard to find a proper box and need to pay for all the packaging accessories.

Anyway, very bad experience purchasing a Dyson machine. I thought if I pay more money I get something good, but I only got big headache. Also, it is very hot and cannot make use of the fan, i have to buy a fan when i could have used the one this machine has. 

They should replace it in my opinion as they are not able to fix it but instead they put me through this whole process which is stressful and frustrating.