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AM09 - Action after heating

  • 30 November 2023
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I have a AM09 and noticed that once the heater had reached the temperature I set it for, shuts off, which is what I expected.

However, whilst sitting in my now heated room, I felt a draft.  On inspection I felt the breeze coming from the AM09 itself.  It’s not at the volume the warm air came out but just a breeze and felt cool (probably just a fan of room temperature air).  The red circle (on off) at the front was illuminated.

Is this correct?  I cannot see anything about this in the book and surprised that after my room is heated, it’s blowing out a feint breeze of cooler/non heated air…

Many thanks

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3 replies

@sweeps  Thanks for your post. The air would be ambient, not cooled like an air conditioner does. Once the temp is reached on the heat setting or auto mode, the machine will continue to purify - and to do so, it needs to move air around your room (eventually circulating the air back through its filter) - so you will notice air movement from the machine.

Thank you.  I thought the AM09 was just a heater and fan and not an air purifier?  Unless there’s another model of that number that purifies…

@sweeps Oops, you’re right, I had my wires crossed while writing about a purifier in another window. My apologies.

Here’s some pertinent info about how your AM09 should operate:

When you set the temperature on your Dyson Hot+Cool, The thermostat will detect the room temperature and only operate on heat mode if the ambient temperature of the room has not reached the desired temp. For example if you set the temperature to 12 (53F) degrees and the room is already at 20 (68F) then the fan heater will not operate. If the room is at 20 (68F) degrees and you set the temperature to 25 (77) then the fan will kick in, the machine will oscillate if selected, and remain on until this temperature has been reached. When the desired temperature has been reached, the machine will go into standby, and turn back on should the temperature of the room drop.

As the Dyson Hot+Cool won't actively cool the room, for the machine to work in fan mode, please press the blue button on the remote which will override the temperature selection and put the machine into fan mode.

You can see this in action via this link:

Also, Each time the heating mode is selected, it conducts a short calibration cycle. Airflow will be
automatically controlled during this cycle. Once the calibration cycle is complete, it will revert to the
selected airflow speed.