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AM10 Humidfier Clicking / Water drippping noise

  • 19 December 2023
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Hi Everyone, 

I recently bought a Dyson Am10 humidifier and put it into my son’s room to help his nose allergy / blood issue.

The machine looks nice and it works well by improving the humidity level within the room.

However, we noticed that it constantly has a water dripping / clicking noise when running. Sometimes the noise is so loud that it can wake the kid up during the night.

Just wondering if this is normal. We even went to the Dyson store to check, and the demo machine does not seem to have this issue.

Any insights will be appreciated.

Thank you!!! 

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Hi @no.6,

Welcome to the Dyson Community - congratulations on your new Dyson AM10 Humidifier, and thank you for sharing your question with us.

I can reassure you a gurgling sound from AM10 is normal for the first few uses. We would expect the noise to stop after around 2-4 tanks of water have been allowed to run through the machine when used in humidifier mode.

If you find it continues beyond this point, you’re welcome to reach out to Dyson Customer Care directly for some further troubleshooting help. Visit and click ‘Support’ to find the correct local contact information. The fastest way is usually to Live Chat with our experts by opening our Digital Assistant, then clicking the agent icon in the left hand corner of the window.

Hope this helps!