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Aroma Diffuser and/or lit candles

I have always enjoyed a light pleasant and attractive smell in my home. Partly because it helps in disguising unwanted pet odor. Also bcs I love an amazing smelling home that's pet safe, and contains no harsh chemicals. 

I guess this is both a question and Discussion. Will the scent of either a Aroma Diffuser (which has controls for the Density of the Aroma as well as the concentration percentage), and/or a lit scented Candle affect the performance of the Dyson purifier cool TP07. I noticed when I turned it on again, the readings went immediately to the red, saying bad air quality, etc. This was after moving it to where it's potential home may be, which was only 2 feet away from where I turned it on for the very first time. I did go ahead and turn off my aromadiffuser and lid the candle. Mind you, both were in use when I initially turned it on when I was getting to know my machine.  It stated my air was good then. Will this be an issue with these machines moving forward? Any one else have a similar concern? Issue?  Thank you in advance!

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Hi @Partyof5 

Purley out of experiencing this myself, I’d say yes. 

My partner and I are expecting a baby later this year. I’ve gone full over precaution mode, checking on fumes, scents and cleaning products. I want to make sure I have the cleanest air possible.  

Our purifier and the app have been god-sends. They highlight bad odours and I’ve already stopped using several things in parts of the home. Lit candles being one. 

When blowing out the candle at the bottom of our stairs, we found that the fumes were drifting into the nursery.

I also found something similar with cleaning products, where if used near to the purifier it made the reading jump from good to bad. This would only last for few minutes then be gone.

To help combat these jumps and get the best air we can, I’ve already switched to less harsh chemicals and have moved some of the candles to a new place. We also use the Auto mode all of the time. 


I’d certainly think the location of your aromadiffuser and the candle will help. Your 07 purifier might not pick these up straight away and it may allow time for the odours to dispel in the air. If not, the Auto mode should help you remove any of these bad air readings.

Emma :) 

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Greetings, @Partyof5 

Diffusers and scented candles can affect the air quality readings on your TP07. It will read those as VOCs, (volatile organic compounds). This categorization also applied to cleaning products, perfumes, cooking odors,etc. 

You'll find this article here helpful: What is off gassing and what causes it?

We hope this helps!