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Big+Quiet BP03 temperature reading too high

  • 13 December 2023
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Hey guys,

Recently we got a Big+Quiet BP03 purifier, have it for about 5 days now, it has been generally great and living up to our expectations. We have it running full time mostly on auto.

But there is just one thing - the temperature reading seems to be always around 2 degrees higher compared to our other thermometers (both analogue and digital ones). E.g. when it is around 26°C, the purifier would show 28°C. The reading does move up and down relatively as the temperature changes, but the number is always a bit high.

We tried vacuuming the sensor ports, and also did a few factory resets (by holding down power button on both remote and the unit for 10 seconds), but it is still the same.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there a way to manually calibrate the temperature?



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3 replies

Hi @ap215 . Thanks for your post. Because the temperature is subject to change as the machine could be next to a heat source, it is normal for the purifier to be a tad higher than your home temperature reading on your thermometer. 

Hello, mine does the same. It's currently 66F in my house and the machine is reading 72F. There's no heat source near the machine. Seems like a calibration problem to me. Hopefully it can be fixed in a future update.

I’m experiencing the same, however about a 3 to 4C difference (over reading). For example, the room is 23c and the Big+Quiet BP03 displays 27C.