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  • 13 December 2023
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I am writing to express my disappointment and frustration with the service I have received from your agency regarding a purifier device that I purchased on few months ago The serial number of the device is [Moderation edit - personal information removed] Since its purchase, the purifier device has consistently displayed error messages, requiring me to restart it frequently for it to function properly. However, despite my efforts to rectify the issue, the device eventually stopped working altogether. In light of this situation, I decided to send it to your agency for repairs After patiently waiting for a few weeks, I received the purifier device back from your agency with the assurance that it had been perfectly fixed. Unfortunately, my hopes were short-lived as the device ceased functioning again after merely one hour of use. This recurring problem has significantly inconvenienced me and left me feeling utterly dissatisfied In an attempt to resolve this matter In an attempt to resolve this matter, I have reached out to your agency multiple times in order to raise my complaint and seek assistance. However, I am deeply disappointed to report that my attempts to contact the manager have been met with complete disregard. This lack of attention and concern for a loyal customer like myself has further eroded my trust in the brand I believe that as a luxury brand with a reputable name in the industry, you should hold yourself to higher standards when it comes to customer satisfaction and after-sales service. Unfortunately, my experience thus far has not reflected this expectation, and I am left feeling frustrated and let down Would you please investigate this matter thoroughly and urgently? I request a prompt resolution to this issue, which includes either providing me with a new purifier device that functions properly or a full refund for the faulty device. Moreover, I believe it is essential for your agency to address the dismissive behavior of your manager towards customers, as no customer should be ignored or neglected I sincerely hope that this matter can be resolved efficiently so that I can regain my trust in the Dyson brand. I value your assistance in resolving this issue promptly and look forward to a satisfactory resolution 


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1 reply

Hi @WesamKutaish . We are sorry to hear that your issue hasn’t been sorted. We do value your time and patience and wish to direct you to the right team towards a resolution. We do ask that you please reach out to our support team via phone or by chat support for further assistance. They will be more equipped to getting this resolved for you.


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