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difference between v1 & v2 of the purifiers? Also a quick sound question

  • 8 March 2022
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So I just bought a Dyson v1 air purifier.  I'm not sure what the model number is, I think it may be C2A-US-NNA6739B-465...or that's just it's SSID lol.

Anyways I honestly did no research on the product because I wasn't planning on buying it but I got an email from a friend and the price seemed good... Well.. Dyson good.  

I did have one previously that was much shorter and I believe also a v1 that I got on amazon but it was apparently from a 3rd party seller and there was a warning about how the warranty wouldn't be honored unless I bought it from an authorized seller so back it went before I ever opened the box.  Shame though because that one apparently had a heat function.

So basically I'm just curious about my machine and what's different about it from a v2 feature wise aside from the LCD screen on the v2.

Oh and one other thing..noise levels.  How loud is the fan supposed to be?  I have it set to max (10) and it's at least twice as loud as my $16 target fan.  Is that normal?  Does the v2 make less noise?  I'd say this is about... 60db at 6 feet but I'm actually going to measure now that I think of it.



So the start of the graph is me sitting on the floor about a foot away and that spike is me standing up. Then I move to about 10 feet away and stay there for 15ish seconds then walk back to the fan and that spike at the end is me swiping my hand across the screen to take a screenshot.

So that should help anyone who may know the noise level question...and I've thought of one more thing lol..

The sensor data still isn't showing anything, how long does the fan need to run before it has some info?

Ok I swear this is it, just before clicking post I keep thinking of things. So this says it's only compatible with Alexa.. is that true?  There's no way to get it to work with google assistant?

Thanks in advance & take care. 


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Hey @d0x360 welcome to the community. 

I had one of the very first desk purifiers dyson released. The one I purchased back in 2021, which is a second generation, works wonders and is far superior in my opinion.

It duel banded, meaning it connected to my new router far easier and it used Bluetooth to connect, over the clunky connection process on the first machine. Not that this process was bad, but in hindsight this is a lot better. 

It’s by far a lot quieter, the filter is sleeker (single filter, instead of two) and the overall design feels smoother. Plus the App and physical remote have some great features my older one didn’t. Heating, advanced oscillation, additional voice control etc.. I think there is a Youtube video on comparisons.. 

The community has a wealth of knowledge that you can get answer to your questions on. I’d urge you to search through the site, there is so much there that you’d probably get any answer your looking for.

These topics are just a few I can recommend.

Good luck, 


Mine only has the 1 filter.  I also found noise information on here and they both say they are about 58 decibels (v1 & 2) and mine is exactly 58 decibels.  V1 & V2 should be 58 decibels at max speed.


I paid $250 (brand new on sale) for mine and it's a Dyson TP02 model.  48" tall.  Setup took less than a min including getting it connected to the network.  It also used Bluetooth to remain connected to my phone while doing so, so I don't think setup is all that different, especially since they use the same app and I looked at it's services and receivers and didn't notice any differentiation between v1 & 2 in regards to setup of 98% of functions.


I'll never use voice controls, I had 2 alexa's but got tired of them constantly sending voice data to Amazon because they are always listening and can't be made to stop (verified via router logs).  


I don't know what advanced oscillation means... But mine goes 45 degrees off center in both directions.   I suppose it could go further..and maybe when my warranty is up I'll open it and make it so it does. 


I don't think there is really much of a difference between the versions from everything I've read since making the topic... Aside from the little tiny screen, support for google assistant, heat on some models and price on all models. 


I originally had ordered a v2 like I said but now I'm glad I have the v1 simply because of the price.  It's also the tallest model so should in theory have the highest CFM.