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Dyson Airwrap Origin multi-styler and dryer Blue/copper?

  • 18 December 2023
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I would like to purchase the "Dyson Airwrap Origin multi-styler and dryer" but there is only in grey and gold, when will the Blue and copper option be available?

Or how can I select the tools I want without having to select a set kit, for example I don't really want all 9 tools like the air hard and soft brush.


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2 replies

@Jasmin Fontanarosa Thanks for your post. The main difference between “origin” versions and the other Airwraps: The ‘origins’ come with only the essential tools, whereas the others come with a full set. We don’t have an announcement for future colourways for the ‘origin’ at this time. And there isn’t an option to select a smaller amount of tools (ie a package in-between ‘origin’ and a full set).


I understand, thank you for your reply.

I think it would really help if you could have the option to have more colour selections and/or choose the tools.