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Dyson Humidifier (PH04) - "drip tray overflow" error continuously comes

  • 31 October 2023
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I just got my PH04 Humidifier + Purifier. It seems that the purifier works properly, but the humidifier is not working due to the “drip tray overflow” error.

To resolve it, I tried cleaning the drip tray (there’s no water at all), running a deep clean, and even doing a factory reset. However, neither was working. For the deep clean, I followed the instructions that were shown on the LCD, but the LCD didn’t proceed after I pulled out the tank. I put the tank back (the evaporator was in the tank), but the LCD didn’t show the instructions like “start the deep clean”.

Any ideas on how I can remove this message and use the humidifier properly?


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Akin to a faulty sensor or an error with the software. Although, pushing a factory reset through should have reverted it back to ‘like new’. As its still a problem, the sensor is the likely problem! Have you tried troubleshooting on their webpage? It suggested you contact them directly. I suspect its to arrange a repair or a new part! 

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