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Dyson Humidifier - Why hasn't it launched in Australia

  • 31 October 2021
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Why have Dyson discontinued the Humidifier? They are the best device around. I have 2 such devices and disappointed they are no longer available



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Hi BlueMax, You can actually purchase the Humidify+Cool here. Looks like it’s on sale too!

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Hi @BlueMax 

Interesting question, thanks for posting about it.

To help answer your question, I think it’s good to get an understanding on how humidifiers work.

Typically, humidifiers increase the moisture levels in the air, which in turn increasing the overall humidity of the local environment.

As Australia has a wide variety of climates (due to its large geographical size), humidity overall remains quite high overall.

Additionally, as the winter season is quick short, the humidity level remains quite high (Around 60%) overall and there is an emerging trend of dehumidifier spiking in the market instead of humidification.

Due to these reasons, and the typically low demand, we currently do not sell Humidifiers in Australia.

Though I cannot offer you a confirmation that we will be introducing this product back into the market, I will pass your query on to our Category teams for consideration.

If you could drop me a PM (Private Message) with the region of Australia you live in, I can make sure this is captured as part of the feedback.



I think your response is not quite correct. Humidity around the coast of Australia (where most people live) can be quite high but once you get into regional Australia (away from the coast) humidity levels are quite low for much of the year (40%). Most of the year we need Air Conditioning to keep cool (its a hot country) and that also dries out the air. I need 2 humidifiers to keep 50% humidity in my house. In summer our temps are up to 45 degrees C.

I live in regional NSW in the Riverina District.

Someone also posted that you can buy Purifier/Humidifiers….. NOT in Australia! maybe in USA

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Hi @BlueMax 

Thanks for the follow up.

I’ll pass your regional information and comments back to our Category teams.