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Dyson PH3 Humidifier Sensor for humidity in room faulty on 5 machines

We are beside ourselves on how to get the PH3 Humidifier to work. Dyson has now sent us 5 replacement machines in last couple months. None of them are reading the humidity in our rooms correctly. All show 74-77 percent. Thus, no water leaves their tanks. Customer Service can’t fix the issue with hours of phone calls. We think they have bad sensors. How can this many new machines have same problem? We run it on Auto and tried off Auto. Pressed remote and power button 10 seconds for countdown to reset, updated software via app, removed water tanks and reinserted, checked if wet at cap above water tank (yes).  What is wrong with these?

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Hi @touser,

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As all of these Dyson humidifiers have consistently shown between 74-77% humidity in this location, can we ask how you’re determining this not to be correct? It would be highly unlikely for the onboard sensors of 5 different machines to report incorrect readings.

Please keep in mind that if you’re using a separate external device to measure and compare the ambient humidity, this may be calibrated differently - and as it wouldn’t be something manufactured or tested by Dyson, we wouldn’t be able to confirm its accuracy.

Thank you for your reply. What do you mean by ambiant humidity? Our humidity sensors report within 2 percentage points of one another. Only once did a Dyson humidifier report the same, worked humidifying one hour and stopped not reaching goals.  No water left tank. Any other suggestions? We have used this product for years with nothing close to this issue. Can you ask your engineers what might be wrong. Dyson phone customer service is not able to help. 

Please see photo we took today. Please explain two brand new units side by side showing two different readings (86 and 73). Then look at three different manufacturer temperature and humidity readers. They ALL show 60,60,60. Something is seriously wrong. Does this forum allow photos? Tried but don’t see them here. Is there an email address to send them?