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Dyson pure Humidify and cool

  • 9 July 2022
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My Dyson pure Humidify and cool never seems to use any water (and never has in the year i have it ) even if I have the humidity setting at 70%. 

I have emailed dyson a few times but nobody ever replys . 


Best answer by djave.mcclean 14 July 2022, 00:15

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3 replies

Whilst I’ve never had a issue with our Humidifier, I do know its a hot subject on here. 

There’s a similar post from a few months back that might help. 

Seems it could be two issues. Something missing from the original set up or a fault.

Good luck. 

Hello @djave.mcclean,

Have you had a chance to preview the previously shared article? We wanted to check in and make sure you were able to resolve any issues you might be having with your Dyson. Let us know if we can help further.

Best wishes,

I got it working yesterday . I tried the article but had no joy so i then  looked at the mechanism that is the water and took part of it off . There is like a thin grill filter that appears the suck the water up . This had some type of glue like substance in it(like a label was removed from the inside of it and never cleaned) . I washed that with warm water  to remove this and it fixed the problem .