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Filter Supply problems

  • 11 March 2022
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We’ve spent £2,400 on heat and cool fans that Dyson can’t source filters for…. Soon they’ll be £600 ornaments if Dyson don’t get their act together. When are the filters going to be available?


Best answer by Stuart 14 March 2022, 11:11

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7 replies

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Have same problem.  Filter has 8% life left can’t source filter anywhere, once filter has died I’m left with a hot cold formaldehyde purifier which I don’t even know if I can use at all.  Been on Dysons email me when it comes into stock since it hit 30%.  I’m disappointed by lack of customer service who seem to think that’s my problem I don’t have filter….I purchased purifier for my son who has disabilities and severe allergies…..I have not only wasted my money trying to afford him a quality of life he deserves….I’m gutted.  Once filter dies in coming weeks I will need to source another purifier as I cannot do without it for him. I can’t assure you it won’t be another dyson. Appalling 

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Hi @Effinian 

Thanks for posting a question.

I’m sorry to read that you’ve had trouble placing an order.

Where our owners have been unsuccessful in ordering a part through our website, we encourage them to completely the ‘Notify Me’ option. This ‘Notify Me’ option allows the user to supply their email and receive notifications on when a spare, accessory or product is back in stock. If you haven’t already done this, I would urge you to do so.

With that in mind, I have checked on the available of our Purifiers Filter(s) this morning and we currently have stock available. Please take a look at our UK website to find and order the right ones for your Dyson heaters:

Feel free to @Me if you require any more assistance.



Hi @Stuart,


I’ve been on the notification email since October and have received nothing. I went onto the link you sent within 3 minutes of seeing you’re reply and all I got was ‘out of stock’ as usual. It’s amazing you can still sell new units with the filters in but can’t source filters for your loyal customers. Seems I’m heading towards owning a shiny gold £600 ornament shortly.


@foxcy so sorry to hear you are relying on this filter for your son to help with his disabilities and allergies. 


Dreadful customer support from Dyson.

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I go online every morning first thing and have done every day since it hit 30 percent. Not once has it been in stock yet u sell new machines including filter and ur sorry really!

As company you should be ashamed of yourselves. I have all your hair products, hoovers, hot and cold heaters etc and have praised you endlessly. I would not purchase a thing of you now. It’s a sham £600.00 to keep my son safe and with a a quality of life that we all take for granted shame on you!

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Hi @Effinian 

Thanks for getting back to me.

The ‘Notify Me’ option should have triggered an initial email advising you of stock availability at the time. To have had received further notification through this service, you would have had to re-register your interest by completing a new ‘Notify Me’. This could be the reason why you hadn’t received anything since October. If you’ve not already done so, can you please re-register your interest in this item.

It does sound like you have unfortunately missed the most recent batch when it was available yesterday - I can only apologise for the frustration caused. Like many technology industry retailers, a shortage of resources and materials, manufacturing control orders and inflation have impacted our business and production on a global scale. We’re proactively looking into alternative solutions as the situation evolves, but in the shorter term this means that some spare parts may be available in limited quantities. In this case, it has affected the purchase of a Filter for your machine and as the stock was limited, it did sell out very quickly.

I’ve done some further investigating on my side, and I may have a solution. Another one of our available filter(s) may be compatible with yours and @foxcy machines. To double check, I'd need the serial numbers of your purifiers. To keep your personal details private, I'll drop you both a DM (direct message) to confirm this.



Hi Stuart, 


Thanks for sorting my problem here. 





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Stuart is a bit of a star isn’t he!