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HP04 Air quality

  • 22 November 2021
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Hi everyone I’m ganesh recently bought my first Dyson hp04 . I want to know I had cooling fan on whole night after I woke up 8am I checked my Dyson app it’s showing air quality-fair . Does it do automatically or do I need to change options to purify air ? Thanks advance 


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3 replies

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Hi @Ganeshpharmacy welcome to the Community. 

Have you put your Purifier into Auto mode? If you haven't, I’d suggest doing this. It should help with the air quality overnight. 

Good luck, 


Hi no  I just put cool mode . Can I use simultaneously both features ( cool , auto ) ? 

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Hi @Ganeshpharmacy 

Yeah, it’s not that intuitive but you can select multiple options. 

Try switching the Auto mode on using either the HomeScreen and/or by using the app remote. It will still cool. It will go on/off and the fan speed does increase when it detects bad air. Might take some getting use to if your sleeping in the same room as the machine. 

So you can see how it looks in the App, I’ve included a couple of screenshots showing my app screens.