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HP04 heater is blowing cool air.

  • 25 November 2023
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I purchased an HP04 renewed about 3 weeks ago. This evening I turned on the heater but the room didn’t warm up. I checked the info panel and saw that it was 66 degrees and it was set at 74. The fan was on 4. I turned up the fan to 9 and after 10 minutes the room temperature was still 66 degrees. 20 minutes later it is 67 degrees. There are no error codes that I noticed. I unplugged the unit and plugged it back in, no change. Any suggestions?

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2 replies

@Teramanujuan Hi thanks for your post.

An important note about heating on your Dyson HP04:

Target temperature

The heater will not operate unless the target temperature is above the room temperature. The temperature set on the machine is the target temperature of the room, not the temperature of the fan; the temperature from the fan when in heating mode will not change.

Press the red temperature control button until the digital display on the Main body shows 37°C. (or the equivalent in Fahrenheit)

If that doesn’t do it, please contact the retailer for a return or exchange.

Hello Adam, 

Thank you for your help. I followed your instructions, but the machine had better ideas. I had to call out the big guns and it is now on its way to the repair shop. I’m going to miss it while it is away.