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HP07 Hot + Cool

  • 16 November 2023
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We got our Hot + Cool HP07 yesterday. 
Looks very nice but I’m not sure if it’s good for the job.

I set the temp to 19 and put it on Auto mode. It’s still  blowing hot air even though it says that room temp is 19. 
We’ve put close to sofa and frankly when I’m sat on the sofa I can’t feel the warm air, it seems to be getting cold by the time it gets to me. 

Not sure what tariff we’re on but it also seems to be using a lot of electrics. 
I I literally had it running for like 30 mins and according to my smart meter it used about 80p which is a lot really. 

Any suggestions? 



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@Blackout Thanks for your post, with Dyson purifiers like yours - they actually move air around your room in a circular motion. So do experiment would different placements. And know that it may take some time to make the whole space feel warm. Also, all electrical space heaters will use a lot of power. For reference, the Dyson HP07 has a maximum usage of about:

Heater Wattage 2250Watt
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Our purifier sometimes senses really bad air quality even though we’re not cooking or doing anything but watching TV. 
It takes absolutely ages to clean the air. Is normal? 

We’ve also set it to heating mode, when we don’t want heating we just lower temp but it stays in heating mode. Sometimes it blows air through the back but something through the front? How does it work? Shouldn’t it always blow through the back if it’s in the heating mode?

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Hi @Blackout,

There are a couple of different queries here, so I’ll address them in order - 

  • In Auto mode, your purifier will continually monitor and react to the data it receives from its onboard sensors. It may detect pollutants where the source isn't immediately obvious to you, whether these are dust particles, allergens, gases or VOCs. Are you able to confirm via the machine’s LCD screen, or via the MyDyson™ app, what sort of pollutants it’s detecting?
  • The time taken to purify the air depend on a number of factors including the pollution source, the size of the room, and the mode the purifier is running in. As mentioned above, in Auto mode the purifier will be depending on the data from its onboard sensors as it monitors incoming airflow. Generally the smaller and better sealed a room is, the quicker it will be able to purify the air.
  • In Diffused mode, your machine will project air from the back of the loop. This means in colder weather, your machine can continue to purify the air in the room without creating a draft in your direction. 

You can find our Owner pages for this machine here. I’m also including our Getting Started guide, and our guide on changing between hot and cool modes, below in case they’re useful!