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hp10 purifier hot and cool gen 1

Just purchased the hp10 gen 1 hot and cool. Works great ,however I have a question about the airflow.

this model doesn’t have diffused air mode, on the fan opening there are grooves set back in the sides and there is a small amount of airflow coming from them when the fan is in use, either hot or cool mode.

is this designed to output small amounts of air from these vents or do I have a dud? ( brand new purchase from Dyson Uk directly)

any help / comments appreciated, especially from other hp10 gen 1 owners.


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It’s pretty common. I find the air leaks around the back in various spots on my machines. Especially at higher speeds

Thanks- I guess though they shouldn’t do it . Especially if it’s heating as it defeats to point of heating having cold air coming out the rear of the machine. I exchanged it for the same model and it’s even worse . So am getting a refund but purchased an hp7a auto react instead which works fine!