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I love my Dyson!

  • 11 April 2023
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I just acquired a Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde air purifier and I think it has been working wonderfully. :) We painted the house recently and I have definitely experienced an improvement in air quality. Hoping to unite all Dyson air purifier fans!

My cat loves it too!

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6 replies

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Think I uploaded the wrong picture!


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Hey @mulusa 

We’re thrilled to hear how much you’re enjoying the benefits from your Purifier Cool Formaldehyde air purifier. We love to hear feedback from our owners; the good and the bad. Your cat is gorgeous, by the way!

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A honest review! Have you considered leaving this against their purchase page? It may be mentioned in advertisements. 


Thanks for sharing! I have been thinking for the longest time about getting one of their air purifiers. I have decided to just go for it after reading this.



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Nice to hear that your cat loves it! I am potentially adopting a cat soon when I move to my new apartment next month. I was considering this air purifier to help with air quality around the apartment, and might be looking into this product more now that it has a “feline stamp of approval”! :)