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Night Mode on HP09

  • 5 December 2021
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When in heating mode, the night mode on my HP09 heater purifier only dims the display but it’s still very bright in a dark room. When in cooling mode & night mode is on, the display is off completely. Is there a way for night mode to turn machine display off completely when heating mode is on?


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7 replies

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Hey @lighthouse1802 

I’ve just tested this on my machine. I’m not seeing a difference.

I use Auto mode when cooling and heating. 

Do you use Auto mode when heating? If not, it could explain why I’m not seeing the same as you.


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Hi @lighthouse1802 

I tested my machine last night. 

I see a noticeable difference when night mode is switch on in both heating and cooling.

With the auto mode switch on in both heating and cooling, the machine’s display is dimmer when its in standby. 

The display does get a little brighter when the machine switches on / works to heat / cool the room more. 

I’d guess what you are seeing is normal. 

Hope this helps.

Hi guys! Thank you for responding.

I’m wondering if there is a way to turn the display off completely - maybe through a software update?

The dimmed screen on auto mode is still very bright for me personally in a small room, makes it hard to fall asleep.

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I’m not really sure if there is a way to turn the display off. If there is, I haven’t found it. 

Feel free to upload a picture showing how bright it is in the night mode and I could say if it is like mine… 

I agree that the screen and crescent moon are far too bright in night mode. Something has to be updated there to provide user with a "Screen Off" option.

I have an HP07 and the screen on ours while heating in “nightmode” is horribly bright too.

Not an issue on cooling mode as the screen dims down fully, but for some reason it won’t do the same while heating? Why? I have no good reason, the ambient light sensor clearly works as this isn’t an issue on cooling mode.

An update for this, a manual screen display brightness adjustment setting, or even a “screen off” function would be a nice simple fix from Dyson’s end.

Seems to be a common fault but still no fix after 2 years


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Without a doubt looks like a software glitch, if only Dyson had a "suggest a software feature / bug report" option on their website 

I'm having a similar issue with my Big+Quiet and night mode