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No Serial Number or password sticker on one of our Dayson Cool/Heat Fans, how can I get the password?

  • 29 November 2022
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How can I find out the PASSWORD to one of our Dyson Hot+Cool Fans?  It never had a sticker on it, came shipped to us without one.  I see that the TAGS have “password reset”, can someone tell me where to find out how to either get my password or how to reset my password (without knowing the prior one). I have been looking all through the Dyson site and some of the community site for the information, so far no luck finding it.

We have three Dyson Pure Hot+Cool HP01 Purifying Heater+Fans.  Two came with stickers which have the Serial Number and password printed on them, one has it on the side under the filter, and the other has it on the very bottom of the base.  Our third one, has NO sticker on it at all.  Back when we got them over a year ago now, the box for each one had stickers and I was able to register all three, and program all three into the cell phone app.  Bad part, the box got thrown away by another family member, so I no longer have the password for the one without a sticker.  The other thing, since I registered them on an open account I already had, having registered two vacuums, I have gone to the Dyson site to get the information on the products I have purchased and registered, but the only fan is the one I need the password for, but I was able to get the Serial Number.  And the only other thing on the list, was an OLD Dyson push vacuum that we no longer have.  The other two fans and the two vacuums we do have are no longer shown under purchased and registered products we own.  So I am guessing that is why our cell phone app stopped working with all the fans, guessing that the app is hooked to our account, and the account tells it we no longer have the item, I guess that is why the app stopped working.  Before finding this out, I uninstalled the app and re-installed it.  Then I started to enter the fans again, which got me to come to the Dyson site, only to find that 99% of the already registered items were no longer shown in our account.


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Hi @Kester 

Thanks for posting a question. 

There seems to be a couple of items you’ve highlighted here! Lets see if we can break each one of them out and get you the support you need. 

  1. Product Password - Though we have an article highlighting where the product password can be found ‘Finding your air treatment machine’s product password’, you are correct that there is no text offering instruction on the steps required if this password has been lost. In the instance of misplacing the password, a request will need to be made to our service team for another one to be generated. Please contact our local team via the Guides and manuals link, navigate to the ‘Contact us’ section of the page and start a WhatsApp conversation.
  2. Product serial number - In the instance that the serial number has been lost, misplaced or missing from the product, the unit will still broadcast a serial number through the connection journey. Please follow the instructions on our ‘Connecting to your Purifiers, Humidifiers and Heaters.
  3. MyDyson Account - In the instance that a product has been registered for several years, and the guarantee has expired, if there has been no contact with Dyson, for support or technical advice, the product information may be anonymise. I suspect this is what has happened in this case. Feel free to add your products onto the new MyDyson app for an In-App experience. Read through the new benefits of Joining MyDyson™ and registering your machines

I hope this helps. 

Feel free to @me should you have any follow up questions.