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problems with Dyson Hot + Cold Autoreact

  • 28 April 2024
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Hoping someone can help iv only had the unit a few days and have it set on Auto mode, however when in auto mode it doesn’t shut off, even when the screen reads 0 pollutants it’s still going yet the auto symbol in the corner is on, however if I put the unit into manual mode say on fan speed 10 it works automatically and shuts off and on as needed. 


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2 replies

It may have sleep mode activated when in manual mode Dowen?? 

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Hi @dowen1994,

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Are you able to let us know if you’re using your Dyson purifier on heater mode, or fan mode? If you’re using the heater function, your machine will continue to run until your chosen target temperature is reached, even if the air quality is good. In fan mode, the machine will react purely to the air quality based on the data from its sensors.