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Still see the old "Link App" on the new app!

  • 3 November 2022
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Just to let your IT team to be aware, some parts on the MyDyson app is still showing the old QNAs. 

This is what I have found, and it would be great if this is updated on your next release as well.

Pathway to this menu is,

"Main Page -> Click Menu(The one with three bars)→ Help and support → Using the MyDyson App"

and you would find this page. Also, the same page in most languages were written as Link app.

Please check the attached screenshot and hope this would get someone’s attention!



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3 replies

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Hi @Jay,

Another fantastic insight into the user experience on the App! Thanks for sharing! 

I’ll get this in front of our developers and project lead today.

Keep up the great work 😀



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Hi @Jay!

Great news! The Project Lead for the App has confirmed an amendment to the copy will be included in the next release!

Thanks for taking the time to raise this! I’ve awarded you the Community Builder badge in recognition. 

If you spot anything else out of place, please let us know.



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Hi @Stuart,

That’s something great to hear! Good to see quick feedbacks on the app.

Hope you have a great weekend!