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What is the future of the App for purifiers - Is it going anywhere?

  • 1 October 2023
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I have 4 purifiers hot cold all registered in my app . I went to purchase another hot cold purifier today to find only the formaldehyde one is app compatible. Is Dyson doing away with the app ? Why do new fans not have the ability to be on the app ?

I love the app to schedule “my house” all my fans.



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2 replies

@SueH The app isn’t going away, but not every model has that functionality.

For instance, in the current Dyson naming scheme, purifiers that have “React” “Auto” or “Autoreact” indicate that these models are controlled by a remote control only - NOT a smartphone.

Make sure to carefully check product listings to know which models have app/phone control options and which don’t.

Yes the only Hot &Cold is the expensive  Formaldehyde sadly. Can’t understand why none of the others have the app as my tower purifier and my existing hot cold purifier both have an auto setting and the app. 
quite sad you can’t schedule these others as that is a great facility .

I set the living room and bedroom on schedule , saves remembering to walk through and turn it on/off especially with the current electricity cost .