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Winter Styling: Protect Your Hair with the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer

  • 22 November 2022
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Winter Styling: Protect Your Hair with the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer
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Struggling with your style in colder weather? We can help!  

The colder weather, central heating and dry air can take its toll on your hair, effecting your hair and scalp. We’ve got exactly what you need to help combat this during the colder months and help keep your hair healthy.


Tackle flyaways this winter

Cold weather and central heating can cause dryness and winter layers can contribute to hair static, resulting in more flyaways. The Dyson Flyaway attachment is engineered to specifically tackle flyaways. For sleek, shiny hair.

Care for your hair colour

When excessive styling with extreme heat can affect the vibrancy of coloured hair, keep colour bright with the Gentle Air attachment. It uses cooler airflow, for fast drying that’s more gentle on your hair and scalp.

Air dry fast during the winter

Hair takes longer to dry during winter and is more fragile when damp. Get a natural result without leaving hair wet using the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer with the Diffuser attachment. It mimics natural air movement, for fast drying without extreme heat.

Lock in moisture with protective style

Bantu knots can help to lock in moisture during the colder months. Use the Wide tooth comb with the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer to stretch out curls and coils and prepare hair for styling, without using extreme heat. Twist into knots and maintain by sleeping in a scarf.


If you need help achieving your style or want to share your own styling tips, feel free to post a question or conversation to our wider community. The best place to do this is in our Hair care category, ‘Every day use’ forum.


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I struggle in winter. Pacing hair in ponytail. I will try Bantu knots to lock in moisture. Thank you.