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Purifyers stopped humidifying after filter replacement

  • 4 January 2023
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Hi, I have two purify and cool machines that I run constantly in the winter. They were both working fine until they indicated that (first) deep cleans and (then) new filters were required. I did the cleans and then replaced the filters. Now they are indicating that they are humidifying but the water tanks remain full despite the room humidity being well below the set level (70%).  Has anyone else experienced this issue after replacing the filter? Thanks.


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3 replies

Hello @alexmulhol 

This is rather unusual to hear; we would not expect your machine to begin to malfunction, once you replace the filter. I presume you did reset the filter life, when replacing that. If not, you will definitely want to do that, by following along here. Your machine’s model may vary from the one shown but the process will be the same. In terms of providing humidity in your room, the machine can reach 70% humidity, but getting to this target depends on environmental conditions like the size and ventilation of the room, and the relative humidity of the surrounding air.  Even when the machine is working properly, it can naturally be harder to reach a target humidity if the air is relatively dry to begin with, if it’s an “open” environment where non-humidified air is flowing in, etc. 

If you need further support after this, please get in touch via our WhatsApp channel and one of our team will be happy to discuss the next steps. To do this, simply click on our Guides and manuals link, navigate to the ‘Contact us’ section of the page and select ‘Start a WhatsApp conversation’.

If you'd prefer, you're welcome to call the Dyson Helpline to speak with our experts directly. You can find their number in the ‘Contact us’ section of the page.

Thanks Kelly, appreciate your help. It is definitely an issue with the humidification not happening (rather than not reaching the 70% target), as the water level in the reservoirs is not dropping. Last night, one machine also started making an unpleasant loud noise (mechanical, scrapy/vibration maybe) so we unplugged it. Perhaps I didn’t seat you he new filters correctly - is there any trick to that beyond being able to click the cover back into place?


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Hi @alexmulhol 

I replacing the filters in my humidifier last week without issue. They just clicked/slotted into place, with the outer shell clicking on. I for one don’t believe the filter would stop the humidifying.

I wonder if this is a red herring. You mentioned you’d previously ran a deep clean and the water level now isn’t dropping. Did all the components go back in the correct order and location? Check the Running a Deep clean cycle post to make sure everything is covered. 

If I may make two more suggestions.

  1. Attempt a product reset, this would help should the software and hardware have a mismatch and become ‘Stuck’. 'Power Cycling/Restarting' your air treatment machine
  2. Remove and replace all of the components one more time, making sure you’ve reset the filter installation through the App (Resetting the air treatment machine's filter(s)) and run a second deep clean.

Hopefully this helps.