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dyson 360 vis nav skipping rooms

  • 13 April 2024
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hi all,

I got the robot recently and let it map my 90 square feet flat. The map looks ok but I am having a problem getting the robot to clean 2 specific rooms (bed room and kitchen) 

when I tell the robot to clean all, all rooms will be cleaned.

When I ask the robot to clean the living room or the bedroom only it refuses. The robot basically undock, move few cms and then return back to the dock saying it couldn’t find the rooms. 

i deleted the map and created a new one. 
now the robot can clean the living room on it is own but still refuses to enter and clean my bedroom. 

if I remove the bed room divider and include the floor with the bed room it also works but this is stupid. 

any ideas ? With my precious robots (Roomba and roborock) I didn’t face such issues :(. 


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