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Scheduling - power levels per room

  • 13 April 2024
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When setting on-demand room cleans, you can set the desired power level per room. 

When scheduling cleans, the power levels are not available to be set for each schedule, and default to whatever was last set on the on-demand clean for each room. 

Is there a way to define a schedule for a day/time, and selection of rooms, where you can set a specific power level?


It would be great to be able to set a clean on quiet at an early hour, only for specific rooms. Then have the power level on auto when it’s not early morning, and on a different day.

In the scheduling configuration, I can choose a level for the entire home, or individual rooms, but not rooms and power level per room. In the on-demand window (Select zones to start cleaning), I can select desired rooms and their required power level. The power level values chosen here persist for each room in all schedules, until changed.


The only way I can get this to happen, is to remember to update the power levels between schedules…which provides for a rude awakening if I’ve left it on boost 😳

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