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How does the Dyson 360 Vis Nav™ robot handle floors?

  • 20 November 2023
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Hey all

can someone please tell me how does the new robot handle floors exactly? Let’s say that the ground floor is the main base, but on occasion I want to take it upstairs so it cleans kid’s rooms. How does that exactly work? Some considerations:

  • Does it need a base upstairs? (can I buy a second base?)
  • Does it understand on its own that it’s on another floor, or I have to manually tell it?
  • Does it handle stairs, I mean, will it throw itself down the stairs? :)

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Hi @Daemon,

Welcome to the Dyson Community!

Our video guide on mapping and zoning for the Dyson 360 Vis Nav™ robot should be useful in answering some of these questions. The robot needs to start from its dock to complete a map, so just move the dock upstairs to complete a mapping session.

Compatible additional docks are available, so you could choose to purchase an extra one for upstairs use if you wanted. You can find these on our website - at the time of writing it’s currently out of stock, but you can sign up to be notified when more are available:

The Dyson 360 Vis Nav™ robot detects and navigates the world around it using a suite of different sensors. Six drop sensors underneath the robot to help it avoid any steps or stairs it shouldn’t go down. So there shouldn’t be a risk of it wandering over the edge!


Hope this helps!

@Jack So, just the initial mapping needs the base? If I want it to clean upstairs later, I can just take the Magical Robot upstairs as I leave the house, and it can clean as much as it can running on 1 battery charge? Do I need to place it in some particular spot (like where the base was when it mapped the floor), or can I drop it anywhere and it will figure out where in space it is?

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Hi @Daemon,

To create the upstairs map, you’ll need to initiate the mapping session with your Dyson robot starting from the dock. To then make use of this upstairs map and any zoning or restrictions you apply, it would need to start from the dock each time. So you could either order a second dock, or move your dock upstairs when you want to clean using your robot. This would also mean the robot would be able to automatically recharge itself partway through a clean, then carry on from where it left off - in addition to obeying any zoning or restrictions you've created.

Alternatively, you can take your robot upstairs without the dock and it will complete a 'spot clean' of all the accessible areas it can reach with the battery level available. In this scenario, you can put the robot down and start the cleaning session wherever you want to.

Hope this helps!

@Jack Ah, ok so it can operate upstairs without the dock. When the battery runs out, it just stops.

Another question: do you know how does the robot behave when it has low battery, but the dock isn’t available? Does it search in panic for the dock (which it cannot find since it’s on another floor)? Or does it elegantly handle this scenario?

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Hi @Daemon,

If your robot didn’t begin the cleaning session from the dock, it won’t try to find and return to the dock when the battery is low. It will clean as far as it’s able to with the charge available, then return to the point you started the clean. You’ll be able to retrieve it from there and manually place it back on the dock.

That’s absolutely great behaviour. Alright, well, I know what I am getting for Christmas then.